Making part of an image transparent (UMG)?

My project has a texture of a scroll. The idea was to separate & lay out the top and bottom parts of the texture (the “handles”) into their own widget components, then have them animate outward from the center to give the illusion of the scroll opening up. But is it even possible to hide the center part of the scroll, outside of what should be visible while this animation is occurring?

Just to be sure we’re on the same page, essentially what I want to do is have an image in Widget Blueprint that you can place transparent holes (or preferably, boxes) into. Any ideas?

If you can use a material instead of just a plain texture you could control it that way. You could then expose the parameters in the material to control things like opacity.

Is that even possible in the widget editor?
I’m only aware of the image widget, when it comes to showing visual image content. AFAIK, that only allows a texture as a parameter

It’s possible. You can plug in both textures as well as materials into the image widget. It’s not just the image widget by the way; widgets like the button can have one too; you just have to search the settings a bit since it is not really all that obvious.

Furthermore, if you make the image variable, in the event graph you can call Get Dynamic Material, which will return the dynamic version of the material you plugged in, so you can directly control the parameters.

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Awesome, thanks! =)