Making of "Ponytail" with Ornatrix, Maya and Unreal Engine groom plugin

In this video, I show the performance of this hairstyle in the Unreal Engine 4 viewport on a single 2080Ti. I tell you how many frames I rendered, show the settings of the sequencer, which CVars I used to improve the rendering, how to improve the DoF on hairs, what the hairstyle consists of, and how to optimize the FPS, how to create LoD, etc.

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0:00 - Subtitle selection

0:05 - Acknowledgments

0:40 - Channel support

1:19 - How to speed up video production and get early access to WIP, ad-free lessons, model discounts, etc.

1:44 - Lesson topic. How many frames did you create for rendering?

2:08 - Movie Render Queue settings

2:50 - How to improve DoF for hair?

4:17 - Performance test on 2080Ti

6:02 - Hair shader settings.

6:31 - What’s wrong with the ponytail?

6:56 - How did I create the node?

8:14 - How to check the amount of hair for export?

9:03 - How to optimize your hairstyle for Unreal Engine Alembic Hair?

12:21 - Performance test after optimization.

13:58 - Forrender Renderfarm

14:05 - Promo code to use 15% lifetime discount on our render farm.

14:08 - Info-partners

14:11 - Ending and preview of other lessons.

This is my grooming - a project for REPLIKR from New Zealand - , which I did in Unreal Engine 4 using the groom plugin and Ornatrix alembic in Maya.

Render time - 13 hours at 2626 frames.

Sampling - 1 Spatial и 32 Temporal AA.

Hair count:

Baby - 548, Main - 74 151, Ponytail - 19 957

I’ll do more when I figure out how to increase the FPS of the viewport =) For regular hair in Arnold - I use 400K hair =) for better quality and a subtle realistic look.

You can read about my struggle with the Unreal Engine settings for Movie Render here-Alembic Hair: Official Answers from Epic Games: Crazy shadow flickering on Render(video with 64 and 128 samples)

Special thanks to Charles from Epic Games for his help with rendering settings and fighting insane shadow flickering.

Project link -

I created the hair in Ornatrix Maya, then exported it to Alembic and imported it using the Groom Plugin.

Shading / Texturing / Rendering - Unreal Engine 4.26.1

The character, eyelashes, eyebrows were prepared by the customer.

The term for this hairstyle is 5 days + 3 days to transfer the hairstyle to another character.

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