Making of caves

I have been trying to make a cave on theisland for a while now and I got the cave and all done the way i want it, I had to use a small landscape to make it work but I should be able to use meshes aswell, However when i test play i am not able to build inside the cave, The landscape i used there is set to ground so i believe its something to do with being underneath the main theisland landscape as when i move the cave landscape above it i can build on it, Now is there something im missing to make a functional cave? Do note the caves already on that map can be built on

Anyone know this?

Not sure about that but didn’t they change the collision for landscapes to GroundTerrain now instead of Ground ? Maybe that’s the issue here.

If i remember correctly there is also a volume that prevents the building of structures, did you copy one my mistake in your cave by any chance ?

No i have even removed all volumes from the area just to be sure

mhh will need to look into it since i’m planning some caves for my map too.

Will let you know if i find anything :slight_smile:

Did either of you figure this out?