Making Objects Paintable?

So… yeah… like the title says… I’ve looked at the materials on paintable objects and they are pretty complex, is there a tutorial on this?

no one knows?

It’s easy. Just use the node Ark-Colorization_6Channel


Is this for a new item you’ve made or an existing one? I’m still trying to figure out how to make painting masks on existing items, but I’ve done new meshes. I’m still a bit iffy on everything, but I might be able to help. What are your specific questions?

I can make a tutorial if you like.

yeah its a new mesh, so new textures n’ everything. Just want to make part of it paintable

That one image of yours looks alot more basic then the ones I was seeing, can’t make out all the boxes in your image. A tutorial would be great on it, I kinda set it aside and went off working on other things and was going to come back to it. Its a very basic surface that I want to make paintable, Its a two poly block with a single mapped texture to it not a multi-part texture. so that probably would make it a little simpler. I’m betting people would like to know how to do it for a multi-part texture though (i.e. making one small area of a texture paintable verse the whole texture).

ok, i will do the tutorial.

Thanks Ivam :slight_smile: im betting others will appreciate it as well. Tutorials, even on some of the more basic aspects can really be helpful to everyone.

Well your tutorial for “Paintable” is a bust, its a tutorial on “Dyable”, still good for that but not what I’m after. Sense people seem to be misunderstanding what I mean by “Paintable” here’s a sample Picture:


I’ve tried everything to get this to work, pretty sure I have it setup properly in the material and blueprints… but no matter what I do I can not paint the model

Oh ok, you must wait the new version of the ADK, they added paintable objects in v207

well… now I know my blueprints and materals are setup right… its something model based thats stopping it, and I don’t have a clue what.

If I take any of the default models (making a copy of course) and set the model to use my material, then take and setup the blueprint to use the modified default model, I can paint any part of it, however if I switch it back to my model and attempt to paint on it, nothing happens.

So The material is setup right, the blueprints are setup right, but there is something “model based” that isn’t working, looking at the model inside the editor everything looks fine, checked my UV’s they are fine as well, so I just don’t get it, could use some help on this.

Did u try addind this? And marking isPainteable property?

oh ok, i cannot help you with the model.

yep got all that setup in the material, and if its assigned to any of the existing models, everything works great, if I try to assign it to my model it goes “bah what?” and doesn’t even attempt to paint on the surface.

Has anyone figured this out yet? =)