Making NPCs use Root Motion?

Ive been following several YouTube tutorial playlists on creating AI for my game, however, they all use the standard animations, which I like, but certain animations leave the character kinda sliding across the ground, Ive seen videos explaining Root Motion as a fix or alternative to this and was wondering how to make my AI use it? I have all the systems done like its perception and a BT as well as a Animation BP, so do I need to add or adjust anything in those to enable Root motion? Or can I switch something in the animations itself? Enabling the Root Motion seems to just make it wobble and still slide.

Assuming this helps but I’m using a Mixamo character currently, Ive heard they dont have a Root Bone, so not sure if thats the cause of my problem, I haven’t found any videos on actually adding the root bone to the skeleton, only the animations, which I dont believe I need since the animations Im using already have Root Motion in them.