Making new items from scratch?

Hey guys,

I’m completely new to modding, and I’m afraid I might want something that could possibly be pretty advanced stuff. If it is, let me know to avoid frustrating myself doing it. Here’s the thing…

The main thing I enjoy in Ark is building houses, but I really don’t like the look of the walls in the game (to separate rooms), nor the ones added through mods, so felt like I should make my own. I followed up on some tutorials, but they’re very basic stuff. Changing parameters of usable items (like the stone pick tutorial). I tried to apply the same procedure to add the metal wall to my mods, but it’s very confusing, and I can’t find anywhere to actually change the look of the thing.

Does the Dev Kit allow you to make completely new items, or is there a way to use a separate program to create my so desired walls, and then import them into the Ark Dev Kit? Any help towards this end would be very much appreciated.

You need to use a 3d program like Blender, Maya or 3ds Max to make models and then you can import those into the dev kit.

Yeah look for a mesh/texture editing tutorial. That’s what you want if you’re changing the looks of things. There’s more to be added to ensure that the new wall can be placed, but start with the looks. Meshes are files with white backgrounds and a lightblue line at the bottom. Open one up and you’ll find the main textures for that object.

I’m looking into Blender atm. I found a video on youtube to add meshes to the Dev Kit, but that’s for later. Anyway, thanks for the help !

I’ve been using Maya 2014 (you can get it free just need to google or youtube that to find out how), im pretty new to all this too but doing pretty much the same as what you are at the moment.