Making my own VR Pawn Robo Recall


I am making my own VR Pawn and I am overwhelmed of the amount of nodes in the VR Pawn and cannot seem to locate what i want so i will greatly appreciate some help. I wanted to know where i can locate the X-ray with a circle effect when you point your hands at a prop? is this a post process effect or a Material? I am also using Trace to point at props but since the Trace won’t be visible it might be difficult to select so i was wondering how i can make the trace have some kind of a tolerance or find out how it was created in Robo recall.


Hi Iby,

This stuff is handed in BP_InteractionComponent which you attach to any of the actors in the game that can be picked up. It’s a bit complicated, I still don’t completely understand it myself but the BP_DefaultHand class does a sphere trace looking for grabbable objects. when it finds one it fires an event on that object’s BP_InteractionComponent which spawns a static mesh sphere S_Sphere_FlippedNormals with material M_HighlightMesh. That’s what draws the yellow highlight gridlines around a coffee cup when you reach out for it as an example.

The ring is just a ring mesh SM_GrabRing that has a material M_Hologram_Ring_Mesh with vertex processing so that it’s always facing the camera.

Hope this helps!