Making my own snap point?

i wanna make a snap point for an object im working on and i only want my objects to snap to it…i know how to use other snap points and edit them but is it possible to make my own snap point and snap group so only my object uses it? if so could someone lend a helping hand please =)

Just follow the convention and use a unique setup.

Use numbers that aren’t used for anything else and only they will snap to each other. Keep in mind, two items must be set up to snap to each other.


Thanks that worked much thanks =) btw do you know how to make a structure lose health overtime? like you place it and every second it loses so much health until its destroyed?

That already happens ingame if you don’t disable PVE Structure Decay.

You can modify this I believe ingame also with the multipliers, possibly. I don’t remember, I haven’t played played ARK in months, I only ever test now.

You can manually change this if you wish, but I don’t know how it would react with the settings for the game/server.