Making my Character strafe

I’m trying to make my character strafe left and right by casting it to my character blueprint, I wish to use my mouse as means to rotate my screen using w,a,s,d as movement but he does not strafe left right or backwards, I have brought the content of sword and shield animation animset pro which I am using.

right now when I run forward and rotate my camera using the mouse he strafes forward left and forward right but other than than he just strafes on the spot. The direction I rotate the camera he strafes left and right so I know I am very close to what my idea is.

What i wish my character to do is not to face the movement i press but to only strafe in the direction and only rotate it when I use the mouse.

I have taken pictures of what my anim event looks like and also my blueprint so if anyone can help that would be great.


Try like this :slight_smile:

I tried, he strafes left but keeps strafing right so i added speed and he runs straight and strafes left also strafes backwards left when i press down, but what caught my attention was in the picture his strafe is on 90?.