Making my 1st Game in the Unreal Engine 4.21

I see 100’s of video on you tube about how to make a game. Can someone tell me witch ones i could be watching. It seems everyone has there own way of teaching. And most of the time. It sucks. It would be great for a 1st person shooter. Crafting, Mining, Ore processing, Inventory and so on.

The other thing I have issues with is finding the right textures and making Material to do what I need to do. Is there a web site that has categories of textures for making Layouts and levels.
So far I haven’t fount anything, Or does someone have the assets all together in one file that I can download and use in my game.

Last thing. I see you don’t have a unreal engine support forum. If I need help with anything and making nodes. How much help can I get and where can I get that kind of help.

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Why are you starting with 4.21? There’s a ton of solved bugs, new features (especially for dynamic lighting which is great in games as far as I hear), and changes that specifically work with a number of materials and other aspects of designing a game in later versions (4.23 and 4.24). There’s a ton of links to texture sites, applications, content, and tutorials in the sub-category, “Community Content, Tools and Tutorials”

In the Content Creation category where you posted, there’s “Free Software Tools & Resources List” that is organized by content type (kinda general still, but it’s useful).

I have problems finding textures and stuff to build materials too. If interested, we could share resources as we discover them. Most of the stuff I have is the free marketplace content over the past few months and some permanently free content too. Try reading some of the documentation for the essential aspects of the engine, and go through a few courses in the learning portal (Lighting Essentials, Materials / PBR, Global Illumination, and Sequencer). The lighting is vital to making a game and so is animation. I have yet to go through the Sequencer course, but going to soon for animation and other functions it has. Don’t simply read the content, obviously…it’s also important to do something with the knowledge and test things. The forum is a support forum, and the AnswerHub is for support too, but there’s also the Support part of the Unreal web site that isn’t a forum. Approach it without expecting to learn everything needed to create a game in a few days, and it’ll probably be easier to think through the information and using the engine to get a better idea / plan of creating a game. Try the FPS template, and look up the Chaos destruction system, which could be really cool for a mining / ore processing game and an FPS.

Sure we can. The game i have in mind is something like the ones I like playing all the time. Yes we could share more then just textures. If we can we could help each other too. You can join my discord server at The Gear Gang or I can join yours. The game I plan on is hobby related. More then likely I won’t ask for anything for the game. I want to do this for fun. And I’ll look the Chaos destruction system up when I get done here.

Can some one explain just what a level is. I wanted to make a world to play on. I see the option to create a level. Just not a world. @presston42382 for the links on resources. That did help a lot.

Anyone have any idea how to create buildable items, Like machines and smelters and so on. I haven’t had any luck on google so far.

You seem to be confusing what the player imagines and the world that’s invoked with what a game actually does. Games are smoke and mirrors made to invoke feeling like you’re experiencing something that could exist. The things in that world doesn’t actually *do *the things it looks like they do, they just have to act and look convincing. A level is what you are looking for, it doesn’t have to be “go from point a to b, then start the next level”. A level is the are where you place the things you make it order to create an environment for everything to take place.

You don’t “Create smelters and machines” you create an object that looks like whatever you want to design it to look like. You then add materials, particles, lighting and potentially animations to make it look like “Smelters and machines”. You need to start with how to create your own assets. Learn how to make models, then learn how to UV map them, then you need to texture them, and then manage materials, then learn how to place your assets and do some basic level design.

You won’t find tutorials on how to make your ideas and content, that’s too specific, you need to break the process down and learn how to do the steps in a more general sense. I.E, I can do asset creation decently well. I never looked up a tutorial on how to make probably 98 percent of the things I’ve made. Instead I learned the basics of how to use the tools, and now I can just do it.

If you by “buildable” you mean placeable, you could perhaps look into how to create your own actor and how to spawn it.

Sorry, I’m trying my best not to sound condesending, and can’t quite find the words to word this the right way.

This guy is new to game dev, and I am too…yet I think what Graylord is saying, at least partly, is consider how those things you intend to create are actually created in the engine and using other tools. It’s great having ideas, and it’s essential often times, but the engine and other tools can be at least somewhat elusive when starting off to create the things for the game you intend to create. I had a couple of ideas of games, one I was thinking of, and another my brother came up with long ago that we talked about lately. When I got into learning Unreal Engine, and looking into the tools required for creating a game, I recognized that there’s aspects involved that I have to become skilled in and comprehend rather well to be really creative and put quality stuff in the game. Anyway, I’m interested in sharing resources and learning, yet not sure if I’m able to help with certain aspects as much as other aspects. I think @Graylord is right about the placeable / buildable assets you’re referencing. It’s essential to start with the basics, such as how to spawn an actor, creating the mesh / model of it, and texturing / materials. That’s where I’m starting too, and it’s allowing me to think in the context of the engine’s capabilities and what I need to do to create the ideas / concepts I’m considering. Doing tutorials is one step to learning how to do particular things in UE, yet shouldn’t replace learning the tools and techniques more independently, aside from getting help in the forums when encountering issues / bugs / difficulties.

I suggest not revealing too much detail in the forums here for your idea(s)…at least until you’ve gotten a bit more experience with the engine basics so as to avoid less productive discussions about creating the game. Whether it’s a unique and original idea or a combination of standard game mechanics, it’s best to get into specifics when you trust someone is going to offer something helpful and applicable to it. I’m up for joining the discord chat. I simply need to get around to completing more learning courses and getting into Blender more. I also need a better computer to create a whole game, and for now am using what’s available to learn what the computer is capable of doing in rendering and such.

@Graylord and @preston42382 Thank you to both of you, for replying, Yes i agree all so, and some of the video tutorials i have been watching are some what old. from 2 to 5 years old. I guess getting started sucks for all newbies. With what I watched so far I created a new game and added in 3 levels and added material and textures to them and they look good. do have videos that can show me how to add grass, trees and rocks and so on. So I guess I getting to far a ahead. So your saying start with the player. How and where do I get info on that or can you 2 guys tell me what to do, I’ll have to look up creating assets. What I mean by buildable is that the object can me placed where ever you want. Let me know and thanks for the help and replies

When you guys talk about assets. do you mean assets like. building, tools, houses, people and anything you can think of that you wanted to add you your game. @Graylord and @preston42382
For my game I do have some models for another unreal project, It’s I making a mod for another game. It’s just the modding community sucks and the lack of help. Adding assets I all ready know how to do. I do need help with textures for them. I am learning blender and it’s not that easy for someone that’s never done it before. I have made some things. It’s just they don’t look like a pro. I have downloaded some assets. and will be using them. But the other assets I need I won’t be able to make on my own. If I can’t find them. This will be a problem. I won’t go into detail. anyone have an idea at where I can get assets for machines. (There’s no other way to word it).

Assets is another word for content or objects, basically everything that your game is built out of, but not how they are put together. Meshes, sound effects, etc.
If you just want to assemble stuff others have made into a new game, there’s tons of free stuff on the marketplace, there’s also other free model sites (but the topology on those are often garbage for game use and will only look good in the preview image)

Be wary that a lot of people don’t like games that don’t use their own original assets and is just a jumble of other stuff put together in a new game, it’s called asset flipping and might give your game a lot of negative attention.

After searching for adding assets and they talking about adding models and things like that. I all ready know how to do all of that. I’m looking for a model for the 1st person shooter. I did look on the market place and couldn’t find a thing. have any ideas

You could look into getting character models from free resources, or using a character creator application. Then modify the character(s) in Blender and Unreal to customize and make it unique to the game. Textures and materials are not easy to create when starting to learn, unless they’re simpler in appearance and not too complex of a node network. There’s a bunch of tutorials on YouTube, so I don’t know how you could miss those in searching for how to create materials and textures. There’s really not an ultra-quick way about it. It would probably be slower for me to try and teach you than to learn it yourself via tutorials and the docs. I know it’s overwhelming, but just concentrate on a few main things to start. Use the default character model that’s in the templates for Unreal to start. Then after learning some basics, and getting a separate character model designed and imported to Unreal, use that one. Some of the basics of character(s) in a game are:

Basic collision
Basic Physics
Basic Animation
Lighting / Shadowing (how it’s set up, basically)

Become familiar with the basics first. Then get to the details and deeper levels of the game and how things are going to function and how it plays. Learn about material instances and model instances, and try to create some situations or conditions that would be in the game you’re making, yet not to the point of a full-fledged game’s situation. Build from a smaller scale so you are able to understand how to do it and can then think about how to approach the actual game. Otherwise, you’ll be trying to think of how to do it and won’t have any base level of understanding and a bit of experience / skill to consider what’s actually needed. If there’s one thing that becomes a problem, try solving it before going to the forums to ask for help. I’ve only started learning Blender too, and it is rather complex, both in the interface and the various aspects of creating entire 3D models. So, retaining information and what is learned so far is essential to quicken the learning of it, in addition to a bit of practice. Don’t worry about UV layouts and some of the more technical details yet. Build things, and get things done. Then restart from a beginner perspective of UVs and polygon counts and such. That stuff is not that big of a deal because most consoles and computers can handle really high levels of detail. Where it is a challenge is putting it in the game and getting it working correctly.

I know the FPS template only has an arm / hand holding a gun for a character model. The 3rd person shooter template doesn’t. So you could use the 3rd person template’s character model, and learn to create a first person perspective camera for it in Blueprints. As far as the placing of buildables by a player, I’m not sure how it’s done. It’ll definitely involve a user interface, even of a simple kind. It requires user input (or the player pressing a button(s)) to “Build” that object, such as a mining machine or something. So, if you learn how to spawn a character and any other 3D model asset, you’ll be able to connect that somehow in a Blueprint to get the function going of pressing a button and it placing the buildable. That’s what I mean by thinking about how to do it at a basic level first, then becoming capable of thinking of how to do it for the actual game in greater depth / detail.

Yes, thanks, That’s what I been doing, It’s just have an issue with getting a grass mesh for the 1st level, I all ready posted about it. could you read it and I hope help with it.

Hi Iceman.
Linda, Digital tutors, Gnomon, and Umedy are all good places to learn the unreal engine and have extensive library on how to build a game everything from asset creation to blueprints.
The digital tutors stuff was very clear and easy to follow in my opinion you can look for those on youtube or go to the companies webpage and dive deep usually for a small monthly fee.
If your a student you can get allot of software for reduce or no cost at all.

@ioridracu Thanks. I’m not a student, I’m 60 years and will be 61 in a few months. This is just a new hobby for me and something to learn. Sorry I just can’t a ford to pay for the tutorials. I have fount some, They are out dated and missing too much info. I posted another one on any issue I’m having with the starter level. any help you can give on that would be great. The issue I’m having is that I need a green color mesh for grass for the 1st player level. So I can go on with the tutorials. The issue is posted with screen shots when I tried to add one of the meshes to the project. That didn’t go so well as you will see in the other post…