Making multiple objects follow its "parent"

So i am trying do do a thing where player holds cards and while moving a camera they are displayed on the screen
In unity i would have just make an object with camera parent and make that object a parent of the cards for the time they are meant to be displayed
I have no idea how to do it in ue4. Worst case scenario i will have to make


6 times (hand limit) but this seems stupid to me. What i tried to do is make an array

UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadWrite, VisibleAnywhere, Category = "Display units")
        TArray<TSubobjectPtr<UChildActorComponent>> TheUnitsBeingDisplayed;

But i get some wierd exceptions that arent even occuring in my code so i suppose i was doing something wrong there.
I also dont want to use HUD for this beacuse im trying to make cards look and act like in hearthstone. Any idea on how to solve that problem would be nice :3

Perhaps i should mention that the player will have multiple “hands” and they will have to be swapped on a whim