Making Menus

Hello, Thanks to all who helped me in my previous question.

I have been looking on the Learn section of the Unreal website but cant seem to find any topics relating to making game menus such as Pause, options and a loading menu for the start of the game.

Am i just over looking it or does unreal not support this?

if some one could point me in the right direction to a guide or tutorial i would be very grateful


Take a look at this tutorial: A pause menu will work the same. Keep in mind that my way is probably not the best one, but it works perfectly ^^

Thanks that was really helpful :slight_smile:

It’s a nice alternative. But, I’m wondering, is it usable in game. I mean not in a menu, like,for exemple, a health bar?

Creating a HUD with mesh (or text renderer) ? And make them follow and always be in front of the camera?

It is possible to use that way in a game as a e.g health bar, but in this case it is easier to do it with a “real” HUD :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the quick answer :smiley: