Making linear gradient node fade out obvious

Hi guys I have this linear gradient node I"m using to fade out an shockwave effect. I want it to start out in the middle at full color and as expands towards the outside edges it fades-like a fading ripple.

Right now the linear gradient is just too strong? I tried messing with a “smoothcurve” node and it’s kind of in the right idea of what I want but not really since it was broken. By which I mean it was fading from the bottom right center in this fibonacci like pattern (looked like one of those old school radar screens).

Any advice on how to ramp up the linear gradient so the fade out is more obvious?



I was able to adjust the ripple so it starts faded from the inside and gets colored as it goes out, but I need the opposite. I tried to oneminus, but it just went back to how it was before (linear gradient not being very noticeable).