Making landscapes inside Unreal 4?

I’m recently tried to understand the landscape mode in Unreal 4. It’s seems easy at the start but I found it really confusing and hard to use at the end. Example when I’m creating a new terrain I have to first select the size. But here starts the confusing part. Changing “scale”, “section size”, “number of components”, “overall resolution” ect. What the difference is between these? What I’ve now tested, they all do the same. Increase the size of the terrain plane. Example overall resolution, I would first think that it means the resolution of certain area. But no. It just determine how many blocks you have in your terrain. It’s the same thing as number of components. In section size, you can change the size of the landscape. But that is the same as the resolution or number of components because what that does, it just increase the blocks in your terrain. And what is the meaning of section per component? What it does is just double the amount of blocks in your terrain. The same thing you can do changing “number of components” or “overall resolution” variable.

So am I missing something or what? Why would you need 4 different variable, what does the same exact thing? - perfect for you :slight_smile: