Making killcount work with widget

I currently have targets in my scene that when I run into them, they play an animation and fall down and prints a string, I’ve created a widget that has a killcount on it, I’ve made the timer work in minutes and seconds (any advice on how to do milliseconds would also be greatly appreciated lol) but unsure on how I would connect the widget and the blueprint for the killcount (I’m extremely new at UE4)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

There are a couple of ways to do this. Here’s a screenshot to help.

If you can provide a screenshot of your code I can give you a more unique answer.

I hope this helps though!

I also forgot about your question about the milliseconds.

This should help, but again I’d need to know a bit more about how you’re getting time. I’m assuming it’s from tick as thats the easiest way to get time, but if you’re doing something else it probably won’t work.

This is how I’m getting time im not sure whats going on in the first screenshot but thanks for replying