Making JRPG and I need help and advice

Hello anyone who reads this. I am currently making a game called Lives Turned with just so little progress made: a basic classroom (just for testing) and a main menu that doesn’t look too shabby. Other than, I haven’t made anything else. The way I would like this game to work is by using the same battle system as Final Fantasy I-X. I am not going to be one of those people who forget those who have helped them and move on. No. I will make sure that you are given credit along the way in the making of this project.

Now, to the game itself. You know that the game is going to follow the battle system of Final Fantasy and probably the world system will be the same too. Also, the characters are going to look a little bit like anime characters so if any of you use Blender, hmu (hit me up) in the post. What I don’t know is making these systems which brings you, the reader, into my project. You can volunteer, no cost is needed. Just reply. Be how you are. We are civilized people anyways. Sadly, I don’t have money OR bitcoins. I’m just a 14 year old. I want to make this game because when I played Final Fantasy VII on my iPad, I knew that I had joined something that can never be forgotten. Never. So I wanted to make a fan game as a tribute to Square Enix when they chose to risk it all on their first Final Fantasy to be known or forgotten. After that, they have made us cry, made us laugh, and even made us feel like we wanted to be there. Like we wanted to be a kid again. Same with Kingdom Hearts even. They made possibly the BEST crossover in video game history! No one else can top that!

Overall, I just need help making this game. I’ve already gotten the story down. I will take some advice on the story if you don’t like some things in it. Same with the characters and their classes. Although, you need to know that most of these characters in the game are based on real people that mean a lot to me. So don’t change personalities and looks is all I ask. Other than that, I just need advice from those who have made games with this software. Hopefully, I can help in the process with the models and character designs if I get Blender sooner than later. YOU can help with making the game work. Think of it. During the creation, we will feel almost like, and when they made their first Final Fantasy. I should mention this: hopefully, we are NOT going to make sequels lol. We will feel like those gentlemen who wanted to bring something new like we will hopefully do the same. I’m asking everyone who reads this to help and give advice…because…if the people at Square Enix saw that people were making fun of a badly made fan game to honor them, it would make them feel bad. WE don’t want that. We want to honor those in Square Enix who have made such great games that have given us so many emotions that we can’t even forget the first time we play it. So please. Help me make this to honor Square Enix and thank them for the spectacular games they have made over all these years.

So, the question is, who has info on making a JRPG on Unreal Engine?

Probable the most have info what exactly do you need?

How to possibly make the system like the battle and menu (probably don’t need it) and the world.

My advice for you:

Make a trash game or something simple like chest, tetris, space invader to learn unreal engine 4.

To get started?

If you start to make the game you want you will have two big problem: make the game and learn to make the game so just make something which has no meaning to you to focus on learning.

What should I do then? I mean, like what game?

chest if you want

What is chest?

a sorry i mean chess

I want to still try to make the game that I intend to make, but thank you for some advice

then you should start to learn widgets

ok. Thank you for your advice. I’ll leave this open for others