Making item only interact with player

I created a basic artificially intelligent (AI) bot, that senses when the player is near, and then runs toward the player, and explodes on impact. There are also coin and a key item in the level. When the AI bot runs into them, the AI bot stops running, instead of ignoring them.

Even if the player touches a coin (thereby making it disappear), before the AI bot runs into it, the AI bot still stops running at the location where the non-visible coin was before it disappeared. From my understanding, I believe I have to program the blueprint to make it so that an item will only interact with the player, and nothing else. I thought I already did that in the blueprint attachment below, by casting the coin object to the SideScrollerCharacter, which is the player.

Attached is my blueprint for the coin item that stops the AI bot from running, even after the player already picked it up. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, in making it so that the AI bot will ignore the coin item by running through it, rather than being stopped in its tracks by it?

Please see attachment.