Making hud

Hi guys, i watched some videos about making HUD. All videos i saw basic bar. This bar is ugly for me. Is there a way to model my button instead of using default?

This answer is assuming that you are using UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics)

If you are not useing UMG i defenetly recommend to give it a try, since it makes GUI-createn much easier and fatser.

Sorry, it turnend out that the answer i gave before was outdated…

You can change the appearance of any Widget by assigning custom textures or changeing some values:
Just click on the widget you want to adjust.
Screenshot from UMG-Editor:

Yeah, but for example when i want my actual weapon to be displayed on left down corner i dont know how to do this

You mean as in a 3D model of it? It’s not supported at the moment, but for everything else UMG is the way to go. You can display images with transparency anywhere you want and also can anchor them to any corner.

No 3D model, im not mad… yet :smiley:
Okay, so i can model my weapon icon in photoshop and add alpha channel?