making health system that is not percent

I have followed tutorials on how to make a health bar and take damage, but all the tutorials are the same. Set you variable to float and set it to 1.0 for 100 percent, which is 100 health. I want to make my character have more than 100. Especially when they get and item that has a random hp gain. How do I set this to not be percentage.

I want big number to float up when they are hit… well bigger. I am new to game programming, but learning fast. Just cannot find this answer yet.

Just don’t use percent? Give the character a variable called health. Set it to 1000 or whatever. He takes damage. Health - Damage until 0.

hmmm, that was easy enough, altho now my hp progression bar is at full now that I set hp to 1000. not sure how to bind the percent to the higher number. not 100. if you have that answer then you are a god to me for fixing my problems so fast :slight_smile:

EDIT: I jsut got word of this normalize to range command. believe that will solve my problem. Thanks for the help

This is basic math.
Current/Max = Percent (0-1)