Making Hands Turn with Steering Animation

I’m trying to get the hands to turn with my animated steering wheel using the UEFN Motion Matching Mannequin from the ‘Game Animation Sample Project’, but I’m having trouble getting it to work.

This photo is of the ‘Veh Possessed’ Boolean toggling in my vehicle blueprint:

These two photos are of the setting of the ‘Driving Enabled’ Boolean in the Animation Blueprint being set by the ‘Veh Possessed’ one:

This series of photo shows me attempting to use a State Machine with Mation Matching to interject a “Driving” state that should be toggled by the ‘Driving Enabled’ Boolean. I don’t know if it’s actually working the way I think it should though.

Also the animation for sitting in the vehicle is playing on a loop after the ‘Enter Vehicle’ Animation Montage plays. Not sure if that could prevent anything or not.

The result so far:

I took the Location and Rotation of the steering wheel and pasted the Vector and Rotation data from the Vehicle Blueprint to the Animation Blueprint but the Two Bone IK & Transform (Modify) Bone nodes are causing the arms to point towards the world origin. I think the location data may not be getting through even though my Print Screen said it was valid.

GASP: Driving in First and Third Person (

I got the hands to turn with the steering wheel, but they hover in a weird way once the vehicle accelerates.

GASP: Hand IK to Steering Wheel Test (