Making games indepedently

So I wanted to ask people who have experience in the game industry about their opinion of my plan.
My goal is to eventually create and design games indepedently. and that inspiration I got mostly from Ninja Theory on making Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. but games and technology are changing constantly. so I feel like if I start working on UE4 right away, things will change and my skills won’t be as relevant in 10 years from now.
So what I’m thinking of doing is getting a Bsc in CS and physics. I feel like this kind of fundamental base knowledge will be relevant for a longer term aside from giving me a resume. Also it’s my belief that having a deep fundamental knowledge of things is what makes innovation. And CS and physics are both very fundamental in terms of game making, no?
Even if eventually I won’t be an indie game maker, I’ll probably want to contribute to the industry technology wise, and that’s another reason to getting the mentioned degree.

What do you think of my plan?
and if I’m certain creating games is what I’m into, do you think should I start creating games soon, or is it ok to wait and get the degree first?

Thank you very much for reading.

That’s fine, that kind of a degree is relevant in more than just games and there’s lots of ways you could use it. Technology is always changing, but mostly things get more complex so the ability to do something yourself is more difficult than it used to be, despite how engines are widely available now there is a higher standard for games that requires a lot of work.
You can work on game development while getting your degree, it will probably help to put your skills to practice in real work even if it’s not on whatever game you would like to ultimately like to make.

…if your skills was still as revelant 10years from now then the industry did not grow. We all evolve with it.