Making game from scratch, have the concept and can do it, but need more people to help me

Hello everyone,
My name is Gilles, I am 15 years old and live in Belgium.
I love to play and make videogames, when I was 12 I started watching tutorials on YouTube and made some games myself. So I have 3 years of experience but I never made a really big game.
So I want to create one, and I know I can do it but not everything, I will need some help.
The game concept is a (multiplayer) medieval survival game where you can make your own house and want to become the most powerfull person or clan if you want to work with others.
Maybe some cool abandoned villages where you can find loot but not build.
It would be based on another game named Reign of Kings, but that game is not supported by the devs anymore.
So, this will be a full medieval based game, no monsters or something else that is unrealistic as well.

If you want to help me, reply to this topic or e-mail me.
My e-mail is

Thank you

Hi Gilles, I am not trying to dissuade you from following a path into game development, and I also started when I was a teenager, so kudos to you for that. But be very wary posting a paid job advert. The kind of game you are describing sounds like it would require a large budget to make, hundreds of thousands - if not more. It would not hurt to work on passion projects for a bit longer, or if you are certain of your skills, then try to get some work for hire.

If people apply to work with on this, then I would wager they themselves are very inexperienced - or you should be vary wary of their intentions, as in all honesty, what you are describing will probably never see the light of day, and that is not intended to be a slight on your skills.

Hi CupMcCakers, first of all, thank you for you’re reply. I don’t know that much of the game development prices because I never intented to make a game to publish. I always made some games myself but never intented to publish it. But you’re right, it is better to work on my passion project myself before focussing on a good game to publish.

Excuse me for the bad English sentences, It’s not my main language :slight_smile: