Making extremely large characters: physics?

This is an idle question, as it’s something I’ve sort of got planned for my game maybe-perhaps, and I’m just thinking about how one would go about implementing it.

For extremely (and I’m talking >= SotC size) large characters, the physics asset would need to be extremely complex. Using capsule/box primitives as you do in PhAT works for small skeletons, but at a size where the player can stand between the toes of the enemy, you obviously need something more robust.

Is it really sane and sensible to try and construct a Physics Asset from a jillion glued-together primitives to account for this? Or would it make more sense to just build the character from a series of individual rigid-body Actors constrained or attached together (it seems like it, but I hardly relish the thought of trying to animate something like that)?

I’m wondering if anyone has any insights.

The systems that went into SotC are ingenious, and are still complex to replicate today. They used a deformed collision model on their colossi. I recommend reading how they did it to get a grasp of the systems involved.

I don’t know if there is a system in UE4 that would allow this right now. It is absolutely possible to do with additional C++, but that would likely demand programming experience on the physics engine level.