Making cutscenes

I’m new to ue5 and was wondering a couple of things about making cutscenes 1. How do I make one where I can control everything in it or is that more to do with the models and level itself. I have found a couple of videos about making cinematics where it was just a recording of what was going on in the game which is not really what I’m looking for. 2. I want to know how to make a cutscene into a seamless level transition where the player watches the level change around them.

You can make the cutscene with the sequencer

Thank you for the reply it was really helpful. I’m still confused on how to make the level change with the cut scene does this channel have a video on how to do that?

Mostly, the cutscene takes place in the level the player is already in.

So you load the new level in whatever way you want, and then do the cutscene.

Alright awesome thanks

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