Making custom vehicles

So what I am looking for is making a basis vehicle that would have 1-2 slots for attachments on it. Those attachments would need to have their own attachments as well. And you should be able to change these up runtime. Is there a system in UE4 that I can use to accomplish this or do I need to code something from scratch? I just need some direction here.


There isn’t a built-in system like that but there doesnt need to be since we have Blueprints. You bring your vehicle base(chasis and wheels) and create your vehicle BP and then attach any other part you like as separate components inside that vehicle BP. Here’s a proof of concept:

The body and the wheels are imported as a single skeletal mesh and that is the actual vehicle. Windows, lights, interior, etc. are imported and attached as separate static meshes in the BP.

Can you upload that screenshot somewhere else? Can’t open it. Also, can this be changed in runtime? I mean, parts that are attached to a chasis.

Check out my forum thread here then: Vanishing Point (Not the '97 remake!) - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

And yes, you can change them in runtime.