Making custom clothes to metahumans

This is feature I like to see making our own custom clothes to our character

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Already possible with the MH assets provided with the Quixel Bridge-to-UE4 exports (in UE4, in Content\MetaHumans\Common\Common you can find many preview meshes, which can be exported to your tool of choice, including Marvelous Designer). Those meshes have complete vertex weights assigned. It is easy to export the desired body mesh (e.g. into Blender), add the body’s armature to a cloth, transfer those weights from the body mesh to a cloth (in Blender, something like Object->Relations->Transfer mesh data->Vertex Groups and re-import into UE4 (in the case of Blender uncheck ‘Add leaf bones’ when exporting the FBX!). It is just a regular, manual workflow. In my observations, transferring weights that way work well.


can we design tribal dresses for meta humans as the above mentioned method. If so can you help me to do that it would be very kind from you.

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Hi, I be been doing that with Maya with preview mesh, however am not finding the UE4 cloth sim accurate for bottoms of dresses etc. I’ve tried using the preview mesh in marvelous designer for a cloth sim and export alembic but when I add the alembic animation to the actual mesh in unreal it’s slightly different with some peak through to the skin. I’m guessing the preview mesh is not accurate enough, and if so how would I get the full Maya animation into marvelous as I have it unreal and no way to get onto the maya rig?

Can anyone help me out

The same happens to me too. Have you fixed it?

Hi, yes. You have to export the full character anim BP from the sequencer itself and use that in marvelous designer. Then it works fine.

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You could mask out the body parts that are showing through or also do as the Metahumans are setup when exported from Metahuman Creator where those body parts don’t exist under the clothes in your final render, if you use a Metahuman with clothes you’ll see that for example under the trousers there is no mesh for the legs only the ankles show. I feel this is the most efficient method.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I will try! :ok_hand:

I was doing some testing this eve and using tight fitting clothes, the mask method didn’t work for what I was doing as the waist band and stomach was on show and the slight difference in mesh wasn’t easy to mask out. I have found that if I export both the body and face animation to blender along with the full body preview mesh, I then transfer the weights of the full body preview to the face/head, this is done because there isn’t the correct weights in the face to use the full body. I then make sure the armature for the face is the same selection as the body and export face, body and armature.

Back in unreal this becomes my new full body preview which I can attach to my body animation and get the face to follow the original face. I can then bake the animation which works perfectly.

I haven’t tried it in Marvelous yet as need some sleep but basically you’re creating your own preview mesh which I think the MH body is weighted slightly different from the preview mesh that is supplied. I’ll try it tomorrow and give you an update with a run through of how to do it. This looks as if it should work and be more accurate though.

So been running lots of tests the last couple of days and what I have found.

Only way I can get the clothing animation to match up exactly in Unreal is by exporting both the face and body to blender and then combining them to create my own preview mesh, import that mesh as a skeletal back in to Unreal and apply it to the Body in the blueprint and then bake that body animation and export to Marvelous, create my clothing animation and export as an Alembic, back in Unreal add that Alembic and the Geometry Cash to the Sequencer. I then have to export from blender the body mesh as an FBX without the head and import that as a new replacement body for my Metahuman. This gives an exact match.

It seems like there is something lost between exporting to and exporting from Blender that makes a slight difference in the mesh, and it is only slight but with tight clothes you can’t get around it without masking or deleting body parts.

I can’t seem to find a way to get directly from Unreal to Marvelous and have the head and face move together as animated. This solution works for final animation but I don’t know what I’m losing when I recreate my body mesh without the head in blender. Didn’t look like the body has any morph targets but I could be something to do with the weights exporting slightly differently.

Anyone else got a better solution on this?

So that way above isn’t 100% solid, it’s much better than just importing the alembic on its own as that wasn’t usable. With my workflow above the clothing holds when scrubbing the time line but when rendered it shows some small sections that have passed through. Back to trying to nail this down.

I hope this is true. I have been wasting weeks trying to solve this!

I actually have a decent workflow for this now.

Can you share please? I am getting crazy out here. :scream_cat:

Hi yeah I’m just going to put a video together as I’ve discussed this a fair bit in other posts here so probably easier to show it.

That sounds great, looking forward to it!

I have actually managed to get it working as expected following your suggestions. So far i have checked both timeline scrubbing and rendering and the result seems consistent.

As you said, i had to export the MH from Sequencer (rather than using the Source Asset provided by Epic’s, doesn’t make any sense!) making sure to carry over Morph Targets. This way I obtained a 1:1 replica in Maya.

Thanks a lot!

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That’s cool, there’s also some more info on here under the heading “Export Metahuman as FBX” where I have updated on my findings.

I agree with you, I also like to see such things on my characters in games.