Making crystal leaves ? [Solved]

Hello, i’m experiencing some things and i wanted to know if it was some sort possible to make a “crystal” effect on leaves. My problem is that i know how to make a crystal effet, and how to make leaves, but i don’t know how to combine them since i need to enable the Opacity and Opacity Mask together, and make it translucent at the same time (so i can’t choose “masked” + “two sided leaves” in the material options)

Thanks for the help !

Alright so I succeed to do it, simply created an alpha channel on the color leaf texture, where anything around the leaf is transparent, and make the leaf a bit grey in the alpha channel (so not fully white, so it will appears a bit translucent) then use the alpha channel as Opacity. It kinda makes it, but i need to improve the texture.

If anyone is interested in, i can better explain with pictures ect…