Making Civilian A.I. Crowds Flee from the player using BP's

Im struggling to find any relevant blueprints in order to get my Crowds of A.I. to flee from the player, I had an idea of making a trigger box attached to the player and then when they come into contact they run to certain target points but this wouldn’t look real, as when assigning random radius points some may be towards the player. How could I make them all flee together and disperse in a realistic looking fashion?

maybe you had to read more about detoure crowd and things in ue4 ai module, it’s doable though, but i don’t think it can be done in bp yet…

There’s no single solution to do that. You need to enable crowd simulation for your AI (RVO or Detour - there’re many threads explaining how to do that) and implement the logic telling your AI to “run away from player”.



I have realised this and have now created my own crowd simulation with the behaviour tree and blueprints, that flee on danger triggers set off by the player i.e. OnSeeingPlayer, Shooting etc…