making Characters with ManuelBastioniLAB add on for blender

hello I recently found ManuelBastioniLAB 1.3, which is an impresive tool for making characters in blender, first I made my model then I exported the file as a fbx, but as soon as it got into unreal i got some troubles, first one was with the animations, fortunately I had the idea of deleting the skeleton and export it without skeleton into the webpage of maximo to give it a new skeleton there, and got some animations from there too, the only problem that I havent resolved yet Is the skin of the character, in blender it seems to have good skin while rendering but when I export the fbx file the materials become white and black.
I was thinking in using the mesh that is already imported inside ue4 to export it as an obj, and then try to use another software to make the textures of the skin. but:

whenever I try to export the mesh, instead of be an obj file it becomes a tmp file

someone knows why is that?, do i need to do something special to succed in the exportation of the file?

also I will add a screenshot of the current project, you will see that even with a half baked and plain material the model looks aswome, the only thing that it misses is the textures and some hair and clothes.




I believe that only materials for the Blender Internal Render will export properly through the .fbx exporter.

I have always had to re-create my materials in UE4.

Import the textures for the meshes by hand. The UVs do import, so there is no problem there.

Hi Mike, i cover using ManualBastioniLab on my youtube channel (blender to UE4), as you noticed there are a few loops you have to jump through to get things working