Making Character, Socket, and Gun

I just got Unreal, and I start out as the first-person oval and 2 floating arms. When I look up how to make it so I hold a gun, I need to have a full character that’s not just arms. How do I 1) Make a full character 2) Give it sockets 3) Create and attach a gun to the socket.

First maybe you should use the third person template then set the camera closer to the head. Then you need to add a socket to the character skeleton hand to add a weapon but it is not something you explain in a post… you either need to read some tutorial or buy the 30$blueprint on red vs blue shooter

You do not need to have a full character to add sockets. You can add sockets to the bones of the hands in the first person mode as well. Just apply the same principles to your first person project that they use in this third person example: