Making character dash towards enemies in x distance one by one then returning to original location.

As the title says I want to try to get that kind of movement with blueprints, after that I’ll apply damage to the mobs.
It’s for a 3d Hack and Slash game.

Similar to this animation.

Always split problem into small pieces, so small that you know how to do each single step. Then do it.
There is nothing really hard or advanced in making this effect, it is just couple of separate things you need to solve.

Some keywords for you:

  • blueprint communication
  • blueprint character setup
  • unreal emitters
  • unreal distortion emitter

That is about all you need to learn to make this effect.

@Nawrot Hi! Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m not worry about distortion or emitters right now. As for blueprint communication i believe you’re talking about casting to?
I just having trouble finding the node that will let me collect the locations of the enemies i’m spawning. Then move the character to those locations.
I got it working a little bit using move component to, but it was putting it inside the level blueprint and only worked to actors already in the level instead of enemies that spawn and would be moving and at different places.

You need to make enemy blueprint. Then you get all actors of class (that is enemy blueprint) , and you can have all their locations.
And do not put any serious code inside level blueprint.

get all actors of class ( ai character ) for each loop get distance to self…add to float array… get min ( get’s the closest enemy in the float array ) get index, set world location of self to that location or use vinterp to for smooth interpolation and then get the next min do that… at the beginning of this you need to store your original location in a vector ( startLocation ) and then teleport to that at the end