Making car crash sequence in city sample

I want to use take recorder to record a sequence where a car crash happens in city sample project but when I review the recorded sequence this happens

anyone know how to fix this?

I am trying to fix that issue also.

any update on fixing this?

I’m having the same issue. I got it to work so the frame is still visible, but without deformation. As soon as the deforming starts, most car parts are just invisible.
If you check out the sequencer recording, you can see when the parts disappear. Seems to have problems loading in the deformed mesh when not playing the level and just running the sequence.

I have the same issue!!!

I found only one solution to this problem in a video on Youtube.
it’s called “Recording Vehicle Crashes in UE5”.
in the video, the author createв a blueprint actor with skm of car, but without windshields. If you want to solve this just add SM_All_Trans_vehCar_vehicle from transperent folder