Making Boss teleporters work

I made a custom Boss arena. Remapped all the BossArenaManagers and put Server Side Points for PlayerSpawn, BossSpawner, and CenterBossArena. I linked the new spawners to the new BossArenaManager. All the entries show up properly in the terminals in the Dev Kit and after a cook in Single and Multi-Player, but the teleport is not working. The teleport animation happens but the players never move.

My arena has a blocking volume around it but that should not be an issue since all other Boss arenas do as well.

I have been over the code for hours and I cannot find the missing piece to make this work. I feel like I am missing something simple that is preventing the teleport. I have compared my settings with The Island and The Center. I can’t find what is missing. Anyone have any ideas? I asked yesterday on the Ark Modding Discord but no answer yet.

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever get this to work? Maybe I can help.