Making blueprint ''press button'' after play (matinee)

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When you render a movie with cloth simulations you need to record the PIE window with a third software. This method become complicated after you’ve sent your footage to a video editor.After cutting your videos sometimes you need to modify some part of your scene so you need to record a new video then replace the old one and the beginning of the videos will never be the same so all your editing timeline timing will be broken. I’m using Shadowplay for the recording.
I’ve tried to set the Shadowplay record lunch shortcut to ‘’ Ctrl+P’’ like the Unreal’s play shortcut but once i hit the buttons , only shadow play start to record but the unreal PIE doesn’t start and when i change the shadow play shortcut UE PIE shortcut works. The advantage of this method is that you’ll always have the same video beginning as the recorder and the player are activated at the same time.Very good for serious movie production.
The question is how to make blueprint send the alt+P keys command for the computer just after i hit play on PIE ?Is it possible?