Making Audiovisualizer only react to one thing

Hi there. I have an audio visualizer that I programmed into my game that is reactive to mic input(thanks to Arthur’s Audio BPs). Good news, it works! Bad news, I am running into two issues.

  1. The mic input plays back to me. Anything that I have tried that mutes the mic will stop the visualizer from working. The mic input is an actor that, once in the scene, repeats your audio(from your default mic) back to you when you speak.

  2. My niagra audio visualizer is reacting to all audio in my scene. Is there a way to make niagra particles only reactive to one audio element?

Thank you!

Eyyy, glad to have been helpful!

Check the ‘MicVizSilent’-level in AabPs, mic is silenced but still visualized there.

The trick is to pipe it through a couple submixes - first one where we visualize it, and then a second one to silence it.
Then we tell the visualizer setup(specifically the submix analyzer) to listen to that first submix.

Arthur! Thank you so much for your BP’s and videos. I’ve been teaching myself UE4 over the past few months and have watched a few of your videos and they’re awesome! I’ll head into that project and grab that blueprint. I must’ve looked right over it!

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