Making arrows stick in objects

Hi, I have some bow woes and I was wondering if someone could help. I have a bow and arrow. When I fire the bow it detaches the arrow (with nothing in it but a static mesh) and if it hits something with an overlap event (I’m using OverlapAllDynamic collisions) the arrow stops and attaches to the mesh it hits (I am using a SetActorLocation followed by an AttachActorToActor for this). Problem is, the arrows never actually impale what they hit. They stop just as they make contact meaning it looks like the arrow has just touched the contact point. Does anyone have a fix for this please?

Is it attaching at the arrow pivot point? Have you tried using a socket?

Hi, I actually worked out how to do this. I reworked it and added a collision sphere then moved it a little so the arrow only responded to hit events when the sphere itself was hit rather than the mesh. Thanks for the response though, it’s appreciated :slight_smile: