Making an MMO need some advice.

Where the hell do I even start on the networking side of things?
I have markets for my toons + markers for all NPC. However, how do i graph them onto a server? Totally lost.

Things that have been done…
Created toons + ability to customize.
Created 432 NPC with dialog. World map + mobs + amplifiers on all mobs depending on outlines.
Created world map.
Created rooms for expansion.
Blue printed most things some are just hard coded.
Basically finished everything. Just lost with this whole network thing. If someone could point me in the right direction would be great.

Note: Might scrap current game and restart for a game based on the USA. Current times but in ruin. I would say the world fell apart in 2010. Will not be giving out more info for other reason.

Do note current game has a bit over 1200 blueprints not including the mesh + land mapping. Not looking for advice on creating game just the networking side.

My team is small so be easy with me (1)

Moreover, you can’t make a game and then add networking afterwards (let alone MMO scale networking) - it doesn’t work like that. Gameplay code needs to be written and architected with networking in mind - retrofitting an entire game written with no respect to networking can be more work than writing the original code in the first place.

Sorry, but you are one of best examples why i always reply to “my first MMO” the way I reply, ie. “for first game do very small project, something without multiplayer”

Only way to “salvage” time you kind of wasted on this project already. Is to put it on hold, make some small multiplayer game, some silly RPG or hack and slash, all with menus, replication, level streaming all that. Do it fast so you do not forget your MMO code. Then go back to it.

Also for MMO you should really use C++, database servers, some backend server build (that rather should not be done in unreal). Making mmo as first game is like some garage guy trying to make aircraft carrier as his first fishing boat.

On the other hand, making an MORPG (Notice the missing M. If you consider 100 servers with 100 players Massive, then by all means add the M back in.) with Unreal is quite practical and straightforward. As there are no drastic consequences associated with failure, you can learn as you go along, using trial and error techniques and progressive refinement. The scale of this task is, however, large. If you can devote 50-60 hours per week to the effort, you can finish in as little as 2-5 years.

But, by all means, jump in with both feet. Start learning. :slight_smile:

advice: don’t make an MMO.

Most people will tell you not to start on an mmo… yada yada yada… ignore that… you can start however you want and if thats an mmo… why not.:slight_smile:
But… it is true what people say about it being a lot of work and you will need years to complete it and probably at some point even people in your team to help you with things you wont be able to do alone.

You’ll need to setup a system where you have a login server, world server, chat server, database server and whatever you think you need to make it work.

You could start with a simple login server connected to a central database… take a look at MMO starter for unreal, its a basic setup with a small database but it should at least provide you with some information on how to go from here.

Don’t give up ;-)…

My team has expanded… allot.
Currently we are still remapping and including a focuse on MMO development. Our lead programmers are currently and still working on the server setup. we landed with working with linux specifically red hat as it happens to have allot of support.

currently my dev team is testing two diffrent farms.

One for player login VM’s into the clusters split into mob data, dmg data, item % drop, validation checks and a player position cluster.


player login direct split into the same above though running VM inside each cluster stack to split data. what ever one works better is what we will probably go with.

We are trying to find a way to link up a main server stack into each part to lighten the load between sending and receiving. We as well have ran into bumps with ue4 restrictions and our server restrictions. will update more as we push past.

yeah I haven’t given up. I’m going to make a mmo and push forward. however I have back tracked to a workable standard.

we plan to get to the point we can host 500 users on the cluster. The server is being built with the idea of scaling to avoid issues later.

we have found that we need to be wary of a few things.

allot of money is being pushed to server development (all of it plus my kidneys)

keep posted for things showing up from Team-x

Update- I hate my life

Online games are a pain to develop in general much less an MMO, not surprising.