Making an interactive chess board

hey guys, i am trying to implement a chess board logic with mouse interaction. the pieces wil attack enemies automatically like in harry potter. but im stuck with finding a path to go.

how would I implement a chess board system. do I have to create it in the game mode ? If I decide to implement a visual representation of this grid, what should I keep an eye out for ?

is there any template project like shooter game ?

I am really confused. sorry if I couldnt make myself clear enough.

Visually speaking you may want to create your chess board with a 3D software (if the game is supposed to be in 3D), otherwise just use a 2D Sprite.

A Game Mode only contains the “rules” of the game: maximum score, maximum time allowed for each move ecc… and determines when a game is won or not

Also, is it supposed to be multiplayer?

Try see some official tutorials blueprint (Blueprint Visual Scripting | Unreal Engine Documentation) or c++ (C++ Programming Tutorials | Unreal Engine Documentation) I recommend c++ with you have programming knowledge.

There’s probably a lot of different ways that you could do something like that, but it sounds like from the line of questioning, you need a handle on how Game Mode works, how Pawn works, how Actor works, maybe how Movement works … There’s a whole lot of questions here that need to be a little more specific for anyone to really be able to provide an answer.

Game logic generally goes in Game Mode, and what I’d do is I’d write the entire chess game logic (rules of chess) into the Game Mode, all the board state handling into Game State, controls in PlayerController, and movement probably somewhere in a Pawn (unreal pawn not a chess pawn). I’ve done this in UE3, and it works fine, although I suspect there’s a lot more to UE4 that could be learned to do the same thing.