Making an Incubator Help

I do not have experience with Unreal Engine 4, am completely new to it but have messed around with Unity 3D. I’m trying to make an incubator for the game so you would put a dino egg in and a (preferably) tamed dino would then spawn. Just trying to make a basic structure like this and then refine it afterwards. I’m not sure how to start though.

I thought it would be as easy as cloning a storage box and then having a loop check if there is an egg in it and if so remove the egg and spawn a dino. I can see how to write it in C++ or even ActionScript but not how to implement this in UE4. So I thought of making a new crafting station by cloning the forge and then crafting items with dino eggs that would spawn dinos (a workaround using the game’s mechanics). My favorite and more complex idea was cloning the crop plot and having the player put in an egg and make sure there’s food/water and then animations would show the egg hatching (maybe growing) and then a dino would spawn. This would all require an array of the dino egg types and another array of the dinos so the correct dino egg spawns the correct dino and the particular egg is consumed once the dino spawns.

I am not worried about the models and animation, but I’ve only had a year experience of programming with C++ which doesn’t seem to help with using UE4. Is there something I’m missing, like a way to import my own code or am I just making it terribly difficult or is this even possible using the ARK dev kit?

u would need to right the graph or a creation list c++ cannot be used but pretty much anything can be done with a graph

Thanks, looks like I have to read up on how to use the event graph. Are there any tutorials?


There are plenty of tutorials!!! or generally just google what ur looking for theres so much out there its not funny

Alright so I have made the engram, structure, and inventory for the incubator although I am not sure how to link the structure to the inventory. I read someone attached the inventory as a component but do not know how to do that since component mode is greyed out. It is currently using the default crop plot static mesh.

I have also made an engram and blueprint for a fertilized egg (based on a berry seed) that can be crafted using regular dino eggs. This is to convert eggs into “seeds” that can be placed in the incubator.

I set the fertilized egg’s crop phase cycles to use the egg mesh (which I will later modify to simulate hatching) but now need a way to get the value of the crop phases data. I need this so when it reaches phase 3, I can spawn the appropriate dino using the event graph to override the ‘stage reached items to give’ in the editor which is limited to selection of primal items like berries and seeds, etc. Is there anyway to get this variable’s value?

Edit: I found that the variable’s name is CropPhasesData but I still do not know how to “get” it as the only variable inherited is OwnerInventory. If I could get and read its value then I could compare it to 3 and if equal to 3 spawn a dino.

Bump? I’ve seen a few threads trying to do something similar to my project but they do not go into detail.