Making an Endless Runner

How do you guys approach making an endless runner? The coding part to be exact?

I plan making a array to store static meshes and each few seconds check the location where the player’s character is present. If the static mesh is behind the player, I plan to destroy it, remove it from the array and create a new static mesh in the most front part.

I plan to have infinite left and right movements in the endless runner so I am going to need to spawn a lot of platforms dynamically. Other than that, any suggestions?

Does Unreal engine support 2d arrays?

Hey Envenger!

I’m not entirely sure, so don’t quote me on this, but if you made an endless runner, I don’t think space in Unreal is infinite.

The way I’ve seen many people approach it is by keeping the character still, and then spawning/deleting meshes based on distance.
The speed the meshes move towards the player is based on the player “Speed” (Which is just a ‘FVector’). Noting that the player is still standing still.

There are actuallylive dev videos on youtube, going about making games like Temple Run etc, which cover this idea a lot more thoroughly that I can at the moment.

Sorry I’m not of much help! But I wish you luck, and will help further if I can!


Every tile you create needs to have a box collision at the end that overlaps with player character. You also need to keep track of the last location that a tile needs to be spawned at. In the beginning of the game, you can spawn 5 tiles and then every time player character overlaps with the box collision you create another one at the last location.

Have a look at my template:

What a NECRO!!
Made me feel nostalgic remembering the time when I was learning UE4.

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