Making an Endless Jumper

Hi, I was wondering how to make an endless jumping game have obstacles which spawn when you move up, slowly move downwards and then despawn when they are out of view. For example, the player character would jump up onto some platforms, then once they are past those platforms new platforms would spawn. All the platforms would be moving downwards as well. Once those platforms that had spawned went below the camera they would disappear. The fact that they disappeared after going out of sight of the camera wouldn’t matter, because the camera would only move upwards.

When I made an endless jumper I spawned the platforms via the level blueprint and they were projectiles that moved in a certain direction. Once they overlapped a bounding box off screen I destroyed them. My blueprint skills were pretty poor then and the way I did it definitely wasn’t the best way to go about it. It definitely could be made more efficient.

Hey, you would not move the Character or camera. In fact, you would move the obstacles. Spawn them above the Camera view, let them move downwards and make an area below the camera view that destroys them again.

Thanks, how would you do that?

Well, posting exact steps would be similar to programming the game for you. You might want to watch some more basic tutorials, google stuff and try and error a bit more.

Basically you have an Actor Blueprint that has a timer to spawn a block every x seconds in a random place on the X - Axis, from like -50 to 50. The block is an Actor Blueprint itself in which
you use the Event Tick to add a constant number to the Z Axis (so it moves down).
Remember to use the Delta Time of the Event Tick, because otherwise you won’t add the number each second, but every 0,0xx second,
because the tick happens way more often, depending on your Frames.
On the bottom side, you have an Actor Blueprint with a Collision Box, big enough to cover the whole bottom. On overlap, you check if the overlapping actor is a Box (casting to it) and then call Destroy Actor on it.

The things mentioned above are VERY basic. So please try to google the stuff you don’t understand and just play a bit around with that stuff. (:

Thanks, I’ve got all that stuff but the problem is that the player can jump upward, so they could reach the bit where the new obstacles are spawning and there would be nothing there for them to jump on.

Then just reduce the jump height or increase the z value which you subtract from the box…

Let the whole stuff spawn way up, so the player can never reach it. You don’t need to spawn it DIRECTLY above the camera. You can do this a lot higher.

Reverse engineer the Tappy Chicken example maybe? I want to try this but I also want to add in platforms that move as well.

there was already endless runner project posted here early this year. Character spawns and as she runs obstacles and group is being added on the flight. Should be good starting point for your project - just turn running into jumping :slight_smile: