Making an AI Controlled Character Walk vs Float (in a Frozen Position) when Moving Location

I am trying to make an AI character (SK_Mannequin from the Third Person starter content) walk to a new location. I can get it to move where I want it to move to, but it floats to the location in a frozen manner instead of engaging in the walk animation. My level blueprint is below.

Any suggestions?

This is completely wrong. Go to you tube and look for ‘Peter Newton A.I. Navigation’. Watch the tutorials. There’s a complete series on this very topic. ALso, where’s your Anim Graph? If you don’t have an Anim Graph and you’re just using the skeletal mesh - he doesn’t even know HOW to walk. SO that would explain the not walking part. That’s why you usually use the same Anim Graph from your player or you could create a new one I guess.

Thank you. This is very helpful. After I posted this I found the epic videos that talk about animation graphs. I will check out Peter Newton’s material too. I appreciate your response. Lots to learn here!