Making an advanced aiming system for an FPS

Hello !

I am currently trying to make an aiming system for my FPS, and I would like to make it similar to the way you aim in Destiny 2.

After some testing I found that Destiny 2 actually uses two cameras, one for the weapon and one for the rest, the environnement etc. which seems pretty common in most video games. And when you aim down sights, it also seems like the camera responsible for rendering the weapon changes its FoV to a much smaller one, independently from the main camera. I have seen that a plugin for realtime compositing is available, Composure, although it doesn’t seem to be made for video games and especially an fps.

So I’m wondering if there was a way to do this in Unreal Engine, the version I am using is 4.25.2.

Thank you, have a great day !

Single camera, but renders the first person mesh over the environment, usually with a different scale/FOV:
2.8 - Add a First Person Mesh to your Character
Panini Projection
How to implement panini projection for first-person weapon? (separate FOV for weapon)