Making Ai unable to damage other Ai

So, I’ve got my Ai blueprint template working fine. The issue i’m having is the children of that blueprint all take damage from each other.

So in my test bed I rounded everything up to to try see how fast they would kill my character and noticed they were killing each other as they swung at me.

I’ve tried setting the ignore to self, and the weapon blueprint i have created but it still takes damage from other Ai.

Image attached.

One suggestion, which is something I do occasionally, is create a custom collision profiles to seperate Pawn and Pawn Enemy. I find it’s an easy way to keep track of what type of Pawn you can interact with.

I actually solved this on my own. I had my ignore actors wrong on my weapon blueprint.

The way i had it set it only ignored the parent actor and no the entire class which in my case is AiBase_BP.