Making actor rotation to ray cast hit lcoation

Hi guys, I’m working on mechanics kind of like portal. I am essentially selecting a door and then placing that door using a ray cast for location reference. My only issue is I cant get door to rotate and match surface of wall…

I am shooting a ray cast to hit wall and then setting location through hit location using “Break Hit” but need help as to how I would set doors rotation to match that of wall…

Hi Hraxzy94,

You can use Normal or Impact Normal to create a rotation. I would suggest trying something like this:

This particular setup would be used to align Actors to a floor below it according to normal of impact, creating a rotation from normal’s Z value. You might want to use Make Rot from XY instead, depending on your situation, but basic idea should be same.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you still have trouble after playing around with this method.