making academy videos [ Downloadable ]

why we cant download videos to watch offline ?
please unlock vimeo files for us
if this academy is free !why we cant download the videos ?

no answer ?

I have found you a way to do it, even though it’s not very streamlined, but possible.

Open only the video’s frame (after it has started playing and been paused), in Firefox it’s done like the attached picture.
On the new video, open the page source (probably by pressing right click in your browser), and search (Ctrl+F) for “.mp4”. You’ll see a result like the attached image.
Copy the whole URL you see between the quotes (2 " symbols), and paste it to a new page.
Save the video with Ctrl+S.

If you get stuck, tell me which ones you need.

well since there are no official way to download the videos, if you have IDM(Internet download manager) or other download managers, you can download videos.

thanks but its hard to do this trick for more than 200 videos !
epic why we cant download videos that are free and public ???


Thanks for the request for making these downloadable. At the moment, we have disabled this feature on purpose. We have plans to make the next iteration of the learning platform view-able offline. So that feature is coming. We recognize that having these assets view-able where ever you are is important and we are building that functionality in a way that maintains course integrity. You can expect this feature to appear in early 2019.

Thanks for using our learning materials and providing us feedback.


i hope see this feature soon
and thanks for unlocking vimeo !!! that must be unlock by default !!!

Any news for this?

how we can download all videos in zip file ?
like linkedin and pluralsight ?

caN YOU HELP TO DOWNLOAD THESE ,PLEase…04379138996872


Epic, guys, why it takes so long? It’s really important to have those courses viewable offline