Making a weapons system.

Hello, recent UE4 user here.
I’ve designed a weapons system with a series of different objects controlling each part.
I have three hierarchies of structures: Triggers, Chambers, and Ammo.
The Triggers determine how a shot is fired - automatic, semi-auto, or charged.
The Chambers determine what a shot is - a single shot or a burst shot.
The Ammo determines how ammo is measured - bullets, which must be reloaded, or energy, which overheats over prolonged use.

I have implemented all of these, but am now lost as to how to attach these to the actual weapon actor.
I want to be able to make child blueprints from the main weapon file, and in its settings choose which trigger type, chamber type, and ammo type that gun uses, then edit the attributes of these objects.
Is this possible? Thanks in advance.