Making a Weapon

I am fairly new to the dev kit and I was wondering how I would go about creating a new weapon

Well, good sir, welcome to the mod world - as to creating a new weapon. We’d need to know what kind of new weapon. Each class takes different steps and some are rather lengthy and a pain in the rump.

Hii there!

I am new here, modded some other games before but never with the UE.

Now i was searching for a thread where i can found a way on how to crate new weapon and found this one.

I would like to create a better hatchet, pick, sickle and when ever possible a better pike too.

What i have done so far:
I found the original blueprints and all its children and copied them into a new folder in the Mods directory. >> Is this correct for the first step?
Now i set the diffrent stats of the melee weapons how i like it -> double click on the copied blueprint. (i.e the new axe has a durability of 140) >> Correct? :slight_smile:
I set the amount of resources which are needed to craft them -> double click on the copied blueprint >> ok?

Now …
How can i modify the original icons and metal textures? I would like it, to change the metal texture against a crystal one. How can this be done?
How can i change the setting, that they need first the Metal Hatchet Engram, to get my new Crystal Hatchet?

That’s it for the beginning … and sorry for the terrible english, pls be patient :slight_smile:
If i have done something wrong, can you help me to figure out how to get it done?

Thanks in advise,

Hey there !

Let’s see if I can walk through everything you just asked:

The complete list of Blueprints needed to make 1 new Hatchet are:

  1. The Engram (So They can LEARN the item)
  2. The PrimalItem (Which gives the stats and what the item can/can’t do)
  3. The Actual Item (Which is the BP that tells the core what happens with it)
  4. The Static Mesh, FPV Skeleton and TPV Skeleton (For changing it’s looks or materials)

The Icons are in the PrimalItem BP. Simply scroll down or search for Icon in it.

You’ll need to search for the Hatchet’s Static Mesh to find where it references the Materials used on it. Make sure you point the Actual Item to the new Mesh too.

In the Engram Blueprint is a setting that says “Engram Required Sets” If it’s empty, simply add one to it that points to the Metal Hatchet Engram. This will make it a required learn before you can learn yours.

Hi Guys

i’m also interested in making an weapon like item.

For now i’ve got the

  1. engram BP

  2. Primal Item BP

  3. Static Mash with Animations

but where can i find the “actual item” BP that i can change? Or how can i create one.

Thx for your help

WeapHatchet - or something like that. It’s a blueprint but looks like a mesh