Making a water container

im trying to make a water container you can drink from and fill things like water skins and jars from.

Ive got a well and used the blueprints from ark watertank and watertap but fail with one o the other, could someone show me in the right direction on how to get this to work or how i can make my own blueprint to get my mesh model to be able to be drank from ect

dose anyone know how i can achieve this ?

As far as I know a method like this could work:

Whenever there are wells nearby, you can run a line trace to check if the user aims at the water. If he does, then call a function Fill() on the container. Then whenever the user presses any key or at any kind of event you can call a function Use() which will execute the code for the container to be drank from. And just put models and animations whereever needed.

Just use the water volume we had in Ued 3 for this!