Making a wall material the right size

I have been over ObjectSize nodes, and WorldAlignedTexture nodes… can not figure out how to do what should be a simple thing.

I have a wall texture, I make a mesh or BSP that is the size of the wall I want in the map. I want the material to go on the wall, and not scale … but just fit… if the wall is longer (horizontal) than the texture, then the texture should repeat. I mapped for COD before, and you could set this up pretty easy, seems to be a nightmare in UE4. So perhaps I am missing something.

As long as you use BSP brushes, this will be pretty easy to do -> just go to “alignment” in the details panel of your bsp - select “planar” - now the scale should be right again :slight_smile:
But I personally would not recommend you to use BSP for your project as they are not so good for the performance

was not aware of that stuff on BSP’s, thanks. Yeah, I have heard about a performance hit, I still don’t understand it because older engines use them exclusively without issue… oh well.

actually went in and made adjustments, doesn’t make a bit of difference.

Nevermind, figured it out.